City dignitaries reduce a ribbon earlier than Mount Olive’s first soccer recreation on Sept. eight.
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Soccer subject disinfected earlier than Thursday night time recreation

MOUNT OLIVE – One scholar stays hospitalized and one other is again in school after contracting viral meningitis, according to the township health officer.

Both students are members of the football team and a third may have contracted the virus, but it hadn’t been confirmed as of Friday morning.

A letter was sent to Mount Olive High School parents Wednesday after the first case – the hospitalized student – was confirmed.

The second student’s diagnosis was reported by his parents following that letter.

That student returned following an absence of several days last week before his doctor cleared him to go back to school on Sept. 22, according to the township’s health department.

In the third, an undiagnosed case, a student became ill on Sept. 22 and has since returned to school. There was no diagnosis provided, and lab testing was not conducted to confirm viral meningitis, the health department said.

Should a third case be confirmed, the New Jersey Department of Health may call the cluster of cases an outbreak.

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The Mount Olive Department of Health said it has consulted with the state department, but single cases of viral meningitis are not reportable. At least three cases of viral meningitis must be diagnosed before the state Department of Health will analyze the date to determine if an outbreak has occurred.

The health department noted that many cases of viral meningitis go undiagnosed. Symptoms typically present as the flu and include headache, stomach ache, diarrhea, and tiredness.

Only when accompanied by more serious symptoms, including a stiff neck and vomiting, is medical attention sought, as it was for the two diagnosed students.

An inflammation of the covering of the brain and spinal cord, viral meningitis is not as serious as the bacterial version of the illness.

Athletics are continuing as usual at Mount Olive High School, with only the affected football players not participating.

The football team played West Morris Central at home Thursday night, losing the game 21-7.

West Morris was informed of the meningitis cases prior to the start of the game, according to the township department of health.

The turf football field was sprayed with disinfectant prior to the start of the game, according to the health department.

The township’s health department said all of its actions – including the sterilization of high school classrooms, locker rooms, and gym facilities and equipment through anti-viral and anti-bacterial products – have been “an abundance of caution.”

Student athletes have also been educated on…